When you enter a room the first thing you usually do is look for a person you know. The idea of being alone in a crowd is frightening and what's worse is being with a bunch of people who share a common interest, which you don't even have the foggiest idea about. This is the reason why there is so much pressure 'to be' before you can belong, be a part of.

Won't it be a great to find a group of people to hang around with that don't give a premium on what you do as much as on who you are? After all, we have our unique stories to tell without pretensions, without the fear of being judged or boxed, without the need to be someone.

This is WordComm
Just genuine people that have dreams to chase. A community built on and guided by God’s WORD, by His LOVE. This is where people belong to become.

Christ to the world

Leading People to a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ

EVERY SUNDAY at UNILAB Bayanihan Center

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By Kara Pangilinan

One of the goals of the youth for the year 2013 was to become more socially active and to get involved with missions of Wordcomm. Little did I know that there were already so many things going on in our church and so many ministries in which we could serve.

Last February, we started helping out at Kanlungan, a ministry that's been going on since October 2002! I was so inspired by the Bible study teachers and how they've sacrificed their Saturday mornings for more than 10 years, to share Jesus to these kids. The youth volunteers have been contributing to these sessions by teaching new songs & dances, facilitating games & art activities and simply spending time with the Kanlungan kids - who just enjoyed 5 days of Vacation Bible School and received certificates during their graduation last Saturday!

Just as all this may have been a giant blessing for the children, serving at Kanlungan has been a very enriching experience for me as well. Nothing can match the feeling you get when these kids hug you with all their might and say "Ate, babalik ka naman diba?" or when they tell you their dreams of meeting their parents or when their faces show how much they enjoyed the games. The Kanlungan kids taught me to think less of myself and start caring more for others. Because of this ministry, I've also learned so much about life and how grateful I should be about my own.

We really hope to get more people involved in this ministry so that we can do bigger and better things for the kids of Barangay Corazon de Jesus. 

If you're interested in volunteering, please contact 09273324308.

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We have all built something one way or another. What if today, you can begin to build something bigger? Even bigger than all of us put together. A dream. Solid relationships. Hope. Our nation. Communities that build more communities.

Together, let us BUILDwordCOMMUNITY.

Create spaces that create communities.

WordComm creates environments where people are led to a growing relationship with Jesus. There, individual gifts are also sharpened, properly channelled and grouped to create a compellingly positive impact in mission fields. As many there are of thus motivated men and women, there shall be endless streams of opportunities to do good and influence neighborhoods and communities for the better.

To support this building campaign, click on the GIVE button and choose “BuildwordCommunity”

To support our building campaign, click on the GIVE button and choose

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If you don’t do it, it will never be done. You are unique and so will be your actions. We believe everyone can help make our
community become fully alive! So many things to move but volunteers are always few. Check out how you can be part our mission.

We serve as volunteers in the following circles:

Kids’ Church  |  Music  |  Welcoming  |  Tek  |  Creations  |  Disaster Response Team


The place for kids to discover! Discover friends, the Bible, making the right choices, and the Best Friend they could ever have.

Kids' Church is committed to leading every kid to a growing relationship with Jesus. If you're committed to that, too, jump in, because we're about to discover even more stuff.

The word, stories and the feelings are the message. Music is our medium. Led by musicians who recognize the gifts of each member.

Always on the prowl for new talents, who will log time to help color the music worship.

We are WordComm's first line of delight. The first line of happiness. The first line of smiles.

And our line: "Welcome to WordComm. We’re happy you could come today."

Blending technology, sound and worship is crucial to what WordComm envisions into its gatherings. This is the multimedia and sound team.

Always looking to add diversity and new taste into the team.

God created the Universe in seven days. And it was all good.

We create communication that changes not just the Church, but those the Church wants to talk to. That's why we're also tapping more creators - graphic designers, writers, videographers, and editors.

We hope, somehow, even on a small scale, we make good stuff, too.

It is a team and body of people that is ready to respond orderly and efficiently to meet the needs of those who are affected by the disaster.

It is a ready arm of the church with an aim to share God’s love by reaching out to victims of disasters.

Its aim is to be a ministry of the church dedicated to being prepared for future disasters in order to properly safeguard the lives of those who are affected by disasters.

Creating events that connects people deeper into the community. If you like to organize, plan and make things happen in the name of fun, this is your next project.

We are a community of people

who are all in the process of becoming.

We journey to become closer to Jesus.

We strive to become loving to one another,

celebrating differences and unified amidst uniqueness.

We desire to become light to a world seeking its Savior.

Wordcomm is where we belong.

This is where we become.


Office Address: 2F RFM Corporate Center 
Pioneer corner Sheridan St., 
Mandaluyong City, Philippines 
(+632) 910 0777 

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